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Oh my dear and sweetest friends and community!!♥️

I have been teaching different healing modalities worldwide for two decades and have been an organizer with the Vancouver Spiritual Events for almost four years, yet I’ve never been so excited about a healing modality as I am NOW!!

Discovering Jikiden Reiki has truly been a a life changing experience for me. It connected me so deeply to my higher self I was initially shocked by its power.  It continues to be an immense support in my own spiritual growth and development. 
Not only that, but this modality works miracles. 
  • My dad recently had a stroke. He was in emergency care, scheduled for brain surgery. My Jikiden Reiki community and I sent him distant Jikiden Reiki. The next day we called him, and he was out of emergency, no surgery needed. They then did a few tests and sent him home!
  • In Turkey, I’ve saved the lives of two puppies that their owners had almost given up on. In just two sessions, they were stronger than the rest of the babies.
  • A friend that went through cancer treatment and has fully recovered. She thanks Jikiden Reiki for her life now as she went through a long Jikiden Reiki course of treatment with me.

There are so many stories, but these are just a few of my personal ones.

Jikiden Reiki is the original Reiki from Japan unchanged. It is in its purest form as channeled by Usui Sensei who was an enlightened master. Much of the reiki practiced in the West has unfortunately been changed from its original form and is less effective than Jikien Reiki (see more on the history of Reiki).

In my long history with energy healing, I’ve used many and taught many healing modalities, and I have never experienced anything as potent and transformational as Jikiden Reiki.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been teaching this incredible healing modality on a monthly basis (see testimonials).

Jikiden Reiki Association is an organized and credited association whose credits can often be used as Continuing Education Credits. Learn more about my services to see how you can explore this healing modality as a recipient and as a healer. 

img-1987Me and my teacher Tadao Yamaguchi, upon my initiation into the lineage. 

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