Next training dates June 1 & 8 – Join me :)

Oh my dear and sweetest friends!!

We had incredible time in the past 7 months – life changing experiences and incredible testimonials.
On the team we had the Amazing star yoga teacher and my dearest friend Rachel Scott who said :
‘Meltem is a wonderful guide to this beautiful system! She’s insightful, compassionate, funny, and so very skilled and knowledgable. I loved every moment of working with her and can’t imagine a better experience. Thank you Meltem!’

From my new April graduates and my very favorite Yhot teacher Shannon Ferguson said about her and her husband completing the course last month;
“Yay to Owen Fricken Frick and I for completing our Level One Jikiden Reiki. Thanks Meltem Oner for the amazing experience, couldn’t imagine a better teacher! thank you!

From my new May graduates, the one and only Hiiro Prince, guru of restorative yoga, said : “Where do I begin, this queen of the spiritual energy and teachings of Jikiden Reiki made my personal learning experience one of the most memorable I’ve had to date. Regardless if the course was 2 single dates with 1 week between, the amount of integration and transformation of my inner landscape is proof of the potency of this raw and authentic healing art.”

From again my May graduates another wonderful yoga teacher Melissa Hawkins came ALL THE WAY from the UNITED STATES to take my course and said:

🙏This training was truly divine. I am so grateful that my intuition led me here! Jikiden Reiki is the real deal and so is Meltem Oner. I have already experienced healing with 2 of my thai massage clients and it has only been three days since I received my certificate! One of my clients is 9 months pregnant and she said, “My body hasn’t felt this good in months!” Another client who has had lower back pain for many, many years said “I felt a huge release when you had your hands on my lower back.”
This training is exactly what I needed to compliment the service I am already doing and, Meltem is a powerhouse! She held a safe container for us as we dived deep into the world of Jikiden Reiki while, making sure all her students were comfortable and our needs were met. She even offered us snacks, coffee and tea! I am so grateful and I’m already looking forward to learning more with Meltem!

Wondeful Tracy from my March graduates said,
‘Continuing my Reiki training, I have found the source. Jikiden Reiki, wow. A million thanks to the beautiful Meltem Oner for being a mentor in this life. Anyone who is interested in a powerful energetic shift should see her.💗’

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