After a long hiatus due to Covid19, I’m so very happy to announce that my next training will take place on June 20&21st!! YAY!! :)

A heartlfelt congrats to my March Jikiden reiki Shoden graduates!! I’m so honored to be your teacher ❤️

Chad from my March graduates said:

This was a fantastic experience. Meltem is caring, professional and a very caring teacher. Her years of experience really shone through every moment. Arigatou Gozaimashita Meltem!!

Chad Weir

Jennifer and Valerie from my February graduates said:

What an honor to have a teacher like Meltem. She holds space for community to feel safe and heard, for us to ask questions and learn in a peaceful environment. Her deep knowledge of Jikiden Reiki and it’s history is apparent and filled with compassion.
I am so excited to be taking Level 2 next month to share with friends, family and community. This healing art is profound and will take you to a greater understanding of universal energy.
With many thanks and blessings,

I am so grateful I did Reiki Shoden with Meltem. I feel like I gained a missing piece to the puzzle. Prior to meeting Meltem, I had completed Reiki 1 in the western Usui tradition. However, it didn’t feel strong. For that very reason, I have always regarded Reiki as a beginners level into healing as it didn’t do much for me. Meeting Meltem and learning about Jikiden Reiki, I realised that there were things missing in my training and so I decided to learn with her. I am so happy I did! Meltem is an exceptional teacher. The course was very thorough. It gave me a strong foundation. I loved learning about the history and also discovering that Reiki is more than something spiritual – it’s a physical healing system. I feel like my training is complete and I have walked away very satisfied and confident to practice Reiki on myself and on others. Thank you Meltem!
Val xo

With the viral outbreaks in the recent years and now corona, there’s no better time to learn to increase your body’s healing ability with the power of energy healing!!

Join me 🙂

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