Dear Friends!

I’m very excited to announce that my next training is on March 20&21 and I only have 3 spots open. Join me   (scroll down for course times, cost and length – in bold below)

With the viral outbreaks in the recent years and now corona, there’s no better time to learn to increase your body’s healing ability with the power of energy healing!! This healing modality has changed my life and it will change yours.

I only allow a small number of students and there’s always enough space to social distance during class and students have to wear masks which I provide along with tons of sanitizers. This training will take place at a yoga studio in Vancouver that has Covid-19 worksafebc protocols in place. So you can feel completely safe during this training.

Himanshi from my most recent class said:

“ Meltem is a beautiful soul, I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Learning Jikiden reiki from Meltem was an absolute gift and I look forward to learn Level2 – Okuden soon. I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone wanting to learn traditional reiki.”

Himanshi Patel

Morgan from my most recent November class said:

” I have treatment resistant insomnia that has left me hospitalized in the past. Desperate for a solution, I booked my first Reiki session with Meltem. That night I had my first deep sleep in months, I reached a beautiful dreamstate, where I met with angels and wafted in the aromas of sweet roses. I knew Meltem possessed a very special gift. I knew I needed to be imbued by her wisdom, so I booked a training with her. When you are around Meltem, you can sense the gentleness of her soul. The entire training experience I was met with prophetic insight and ethereal visions. Not only was I granted healing hands, but I also worked through wounds of several lifetimes. My training with Meltem helped pave the way for a route of personal healing and psychic exploration.”

With love,

Tameeza from my October class said:

“Meltem is an Intuitive and compassionate woman who is committed to supporting others in their healing journey. I came to the training heavy and felt a huge detox after the first day of training, she assured me that it will pass and that it’s a part of healing and that I would feel lighter and clearer after the second day and 2 more sets of Reju (clearing/attunements) and she was completely right! I left feeling lighter and brighter! She also waited for me on the day that I was detoxing to ensure I could still complete the course and that meant a lot to me. I’m really grateful we have met and I’m looking forward to taking level 2!”

Caroline from the same group said :

“Meltem’s generous heart is a blessing to this world. Learning Jikiden Reiki from Meltem was an absolute gift as her pure heart is an extension of this healing. I feel so confident and ready to practice this healing in my life. Thanks for being our teacher. “

Nat Abe from my September class said:

I was interested in reiki because I wanted to learn about other healing modalities. As someone who works in healthcare, I value a holistic approach to cure. But more importantly, I wanted to learn about this course as a self-care tool. Meltem was beyond amazing and this is by far the best course I have ever taken.

I highly recommend any health care professional, nurse or doctor to take this course. She is an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and attentive teacher who has a way of making the class real fun at the same time

Stefani Barilla and Lisa Cheng from my latest August class said:

My first introduction with Meltem was through a session in which she performed Reiki on me. I had no idea what to expect and still don’t even know if I can describe it, except to say that it was both peaceful and powerful at the same time. Meltem has really beautiful open energy and because of this I decided to take the Level 1 Jikiden Reiki course with her. The course did not disappoint. She is a great teacher and the time flew by. I was a little nervous wondering how I would manage the five hour sessions, but honestly, they were over before I knew it. The group of women that I did the course with were all really lovely people, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. Meltem is a really kind and open person and makes you immediately comfortable. She patiently went over any areas of confusion and answered any and all questions with patience and ease. This is a beautiful practice and I am happy to have met and had the opportunity to train with Meltem. She is a gift to Vancouver

Thanks a million Meltem


I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Meltem as she did a Reiki session on me and then invited me to do Reiki level one training with her. She is extremely authentic, knowledgeable and engaging. I feel fortunate to have learned and participated. Lisa Cheng

Christopher, Bruce and Becky from my June graduates said:

For all those who are thinking of attending Meltem’s Reiki course, remember that thinking is the occupation of the ego.  I followed my heart and my intuition and spent two amazing days with Meltem and the rest of the crew.  As a someone who devotes considerable to time to yogic based practices I was blown away by how complementary and beneficial this Reiki practice is. Thanks to Meltem, I feel confident I can keep getting amazing results from it.

Chris Kalbfleisch – co-pilot Millennium Falcon


In my search to find a reputable traditional Reiki teacher, I found Meltem’s online website.  I am extremely happy that I learned the healing techniques from her and I would recommend her course to anyone  interested in Reiki.  She is very caring with a great sense of humour and taught the material in a very concise and informative way.  The two day Shodan course with her was better than I could have ever anticipated.  I look forward to taking Okudan level with Meltem to continue my wonderful Reiki training.
Bruce Hoshowski


We really enjoyed the Jikiden Reiki course with Meltem. She is so welcoming and joyful, extremely quick to laugh and ensure everyone is vibrating at a higher frequency. She really knows her stuff, makes it all interesting and fun to learn and her passion for it comes through. I loved how much practice we were able to get and of course that there were three reju’s during the weekend was incredible! She also takes the practice of Jikiden Reike very seriously and emphasizes on the importance and origin of Jikiden Reiki which is the origin of all reiki. If someone was not sure if they should take the course or not, I would highly recommend you taking it, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Becy McMillan and Paul Habington

Many more testimonials at the bottom of this invite and also on my website http://www.jikidenreikiwithmeltem.com (you’ll also find a more in depth explanation of Jikiden Reiki, the lineage and the course itself on my website)

So so excited about sharing this incredible gift that I had mentioned to some of you, it was life changing for me. It connected me so deeply to my higher self, I was in a state of shock. I had been working and longing for it for many years. Not only that, but it works like miracles. I’ve been in the healing arts for 15 years and , I have never experienced anything like Jikiden Reiki -now after learning thoroughly about Jikiden Reiki teachings I realized the reason is it’s kept in it’s purest original form – nothing added, nothing amended like in other forms of reiki.

My dad had a stroke as some of you know this summer before I went to Turkey. At first it was said he’ll have brain surgery and was in emergency care unit. Me and my teacher sent him reiki. The next day we called, he was out of emergency, no surgery needed. They then did a few tests and sent him home!!!

In Turkey, Jikiden reiki saved the lives of 2 puppies that their owners had almost given up upon. 2 sessions, they were stronger then the rest of the babies, a friend that went through cancer treatment – she thanks Jikiden Reiki for her life now. 
On my own personal journey I was able to heal so much emotional trauma, baggage, fears and things that were holding me back from my full potential!! I had tried anything and everything just to be able to free myself but I was emotionally resistant and nothing fully worked until I started working on them with Jikiden Reiki!! I am seriously in LOVE with this practice
There are so many stories but these are a few of my personal ones.

Jikiden Reiki is Reiki from it’s birth place Japan unchanged, nothing added to it, in its purest form that you can find . It was established by Usui Sensei who was an enlightened teacher in 1920s, and passed down the teachiings to Hayashi Sensei who was one of Usui Sensei’s students who was actively teaching in 1920s-1930s. There are many styles of Reiki out there called Usui Reiki and other names. During the time Reiki was travelling through the West, the original style of Reiki has been changed, things have been taken out and other things added just to make it more adaptable to the Western Culture. It really is very far from the original intent or spirit and therefore it’s effectiveness is incomparable to Jikiden reiki.

In this excitement, below are my next 2 dates:

I do smaller groups and break it up into a few separate dates so it’s more intimate and I can spend more time with each of you and so that it is safe and in accordance with the BC regulations.

I’m confident this is going to be a life changing for you as it really was for me – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
So in my book, everyone should take this course! That’s why I’m so passionate about it


March 20&21 – 3 spots open

1st day of event: 3-8pm
2nd day of event 3-8pm

The course fee is only 350 + gst for two days and it includes your Japanese and English printed Certificates and manuals that will be sent from Japan.

I will kindly ask for a $100 cad deposit etransferred or to meltemoner144@gmail.com  or paypalled to onermeltem144@gmail.com (send as friends and family or send as service and add 3% pay pal fee when sending) so I can order your manuals and certificates in time and it is also to reserve your spot as trainings are filling up fast and I need full commitment for all trainings.

For those of you struggling, I will offer a payment plan. You can split payment in 3.

Jikiden reiki Association is an organized and credited association
and the courses are registered and approved courses for continuing education credits for some organizations.

This will be the best Present you will gift yourself ♥️
Please return to me with your picked dates so we can begin our amazing journey together.

Love and miss you all and

Can not wait to see you
againl ♥️

Email meltemoner144@gmail.com to reserve your spot. ♥️

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